Graphical Installation

Make sure the following packages are installed (Here the command to install on Ubuntu):

$ sudo apt-get install zenity g++ make subversion build-essential libblas-dev libgsl0-dev libgfortran3

Download the recent *.tgz - file, unpack to a preferred folder. Use a Terminal window to run the file

$ cd OpenRTDynamics_source
$ sh

Follow the given instructions..
Stable releases

For more details, have a look into the README file.

Manual installation

To compile / install the framework, simply check out from svn

svn checkout svn:// OpenRTDynamics

cd OpenRTDynamics

and run the makefile from a shell: 

openrtdynamics/trunk # make config
openrtdynamics/trunk # make
openrtdynamics/trunk # make install

Additionally, you may want to add the Scilab Toolbox as described in the provided README file.
openrtdynamics/trunk # make install_toolbox
It will ask you for your Scilab 5 directory (the one which you downloaded from the scilab website)



Android Binaries

The whole framework incl. examples:

Only the ortd-executable, statically linked:


Browse the source code


 Go to



The svn version directly (not tested any more...):

wget -O - | bash