For getting a quick impression of the things you can do with ORTD some code examples are listed on these pages.These includes an introductory example on programming ORTD schematics within Scilab and shows some special features.

Also, an example on how to embed the simulator library into your own C/C++ Code is provided. Finally there is an example for creating own blocks, that split up into computational functions (written in C/C++) and interfacing functions (written in Scilab). The latter provides an interface of the blocks computational functions to the Scilab schematic definition Scripts.

Even more examples can be found in the folder "examples" of the toolbox and in the "demo" folder of the modules (module/*/demo). You can also browse them by the Svn-webinterface: /trunk/examples and /trunk/modules look for the demo folder in each module). A template for the development of modules/plugins e.g. to include hardware is shown in trunk/examples/TemplateModule_V2/.